All About Pet Health
Keep your furry family member feeling great, from his ears to his paws. Find out about the most common pet health issues and see how you can solve them with simple, vet-quality care, at home.
A chocolate and white-spotted German Shorthair Pointer frolics in an autumnal field, tongue wagging in the breeze
Ticks: A Big Problem for You & Your Pet

Protecting your pets from ticks starts with understanding their lifecycle, which disease they can spread in less than 10 minutes, and what routine test your veterinarian can run to detect it.

Help protect your dog or cat from ear allergies and infections
Your Pet’s Ears

Your pet’s ears are distinctly different from ours— that part of the ear canal is positioned vertically, making it difficult for dirt and debris to work its way out.

Keep him active and healthy
Your Pet’s Joint Health

Proactive joint health support should start when your pal is still a puppy. Even though some joint conditions can't be avoided, a regular maintenance program can help.

Reduce hair matting and reduce chance of infections
Caring For Skin, Coat, and Paws

Your pet’s skin is much thinner than ours and, therefore, requires a healthy coat to protect it. Here’s how.

Ease discomforts associated with skin infections
Truths About Skin Infections

Learn more about the signs and symptoms of a possible skin infection, and what they mean for your pet.

Hot spots can cause extreme discomfort and odor
All About Hot Spots

Skin and coat care is essential for your pet’s overall well-being. A regular regimen of skin and coat maintenance keeps your fur family happy and healthy.

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