Simple Pet Care 101

Here you'll find quick tips for how to care for your furry family members effectively. For a deeper dive into the world of pets, read our All About Pet Health articles.

dog eyes looking
dog eyes looking
Fleas and Ticks
  • Flea season, for the midsection of the U.S., is March-September.
  • To control fleas, year-round treatment is recommended.
  • It’s simple and convenient with PetArmor® Plus for dogs and cats.
  • Most puppies and kittens are born with hookworms or roundworms.
  • In general, worming schedules will depend on your dog’s age and risk.
  • PetArmor® 7 Way controls seven species of worms, and PetArmor® Sure Shot 2x controls four species of worms.
cat fur
cat fur
Skin and Coat
  • Your pet’s healthy, shiny coat is a good indicator that she is healthy and happy.
  • Dogs that obsessively lick (usually their front legs) often have allergies.
  • To treat skin issues, try our line of skin care products for cats and dogs.
Ear Care
  • Your pet’s ears are traps for parasites and bacteria.
  • Floppy-eared dogs like beagles and cocker spaniels are extra vulnerable.
  • Pet ears should be cleaned every two weeks by flushing your pet’s ears with our ear care treatment for cats or for dogs.
dog jumping
dog jumping
Joint Health
  • Bigger dogs are more susceptible to developmental or degenerative joint issues.
  • Preventative joint health care can start as soon as your pup is 8 weeks old, and can continue throughout her life.
  • Joint pain can be managed with PetArmor® joint care products.

Our Family

PetArmor® is part of the PetIQ family, which works tirelessly to provide pet parents convenient access to affordable products and services for their furry family members.
PetIQ Family
PetIQ Family

Care, From Nose
To Tail

You’re already here, so we know you want to be the best pet parent possible. Just like with humans, pet health care requires a regular routine. We’ve got you covered.