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General Health and Well-Being

Some cats can get stressed out over a variety of things. Taking measures to keep your cat anxiety-free is critical to his or her overall well-being and can lead to a better feline friendship.

  • Anxiety

What To Look For

Signs your cat is suffering from anxiety include:

  • Hyperactivity
  • Excessive yoweling
  • Destroying of property
  • Improper use of litter box
  • Fearful or aggressive behavior

What Is It?

Anxiety in your cat can be the result of stress that comes from changes in your and your cat’s daily routine. Common causes of stress include traveling, visitors in your home, a new baby or pet, and prolonged separation.

What It Means for Your Cat

Stressful situations are extremely traumatic and increase your cat’s anxiety level. Anxiety can lead to behavior changes that are difficult for both cat and human, and can compromise your relationship with your cat.

How You Can Help

Proper nutrition, training, and lifestyle routines are critical to reducing the stress levels associated with many of the causes of your cat’s anxiety. Consult your veterinarian to better understand and ease your cat’s anxiety. Additionally, supplements formulated to support relaxation can help aid in behavior modification.

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